Payment and shipping

Price List

Our prices depend on the price of the high-quality ingredients used and the skills of our confectioners. The pricelist for classic cakes is for the basic combinations and will be individually adjusted in the case of any changes.

We fill special orders for cakes from 1 kg, average prices vary at from CZK 700 to 1,500 per 1 kg of cake;

for desserts, prices for 1 piece range from CZK 50 to 150.
The prices listed in the catalogue for special cakes are for orientation only.

The minimum price for an order of a special cake is CZK 700 or 1 kg. For large or otherwise complicated cakes, the price also includes the tray and other accessories.


How to order

We accept orders in our workshop during opening hours (Mon - Fri 9:00-17:00), by phone and email or through the form on our website. You can visit us at u Santosky 8, Prague 5 to discuss details and tasting. Tasting of special flavours must be ordered in advance. Tasting must be paid for. Meetings can also be arranged at another venue.



We deliver cakes in Prague, which depends on the type of cake and the time and place of delivery. We provide escort for assembling of special cakes in place and kontrolling during transportation to destination.

Free delivery on orders over 5000 Kč.

If you require a premium delivery service, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



From the moment the cake or dessert is turned over to the customer, we cease to be responsible for its proper storage and transport.

We recommend the following:

  • Carefully transport the product to the destination in a container intended for transport (box, covered tray, termobox etc.). Keep the product on a level surface and do not tilt or turn the product unnecessarily. Do not leave it with children or on the back seat of a car unsupervised. Insure the product for the period of its transporting, especially if it is to go a long distance or over a route that is not level.
  • Store the product under suitable conditions until it is consumed. This means having enough room in a refrigerator or cooler or securing the correct storage temperature in some other way along with protection from contamination, dust, physical damage, or other harm.


Flavours and ingredients

Our cakes are made using only the freshest ingredients without chemical preservatives, so our cakes are also suitable for children.

Attention! Complex structures and figures may contain inedible parts. Reqruirements for edible frame please report when ordering.

Try our time-proven flavours:

  • Chocolate - Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream
  • Vanilla - light vanilla sponge with vanilla cream
  • Red velvet - red chocolate sponge with light cream cheese
  • Mars - chocolate sponge with salted caramel buttercream, nougat and milk chocolate
  • Twix - crunchy cake with salted caramel and milk chocolate
  • Snickers - dark chocolate sponge with salted caramel cream, nougat and peanuts, in milk chocolate
  • Raffaello - Light sponge with mascarpone cream with condensed milk and coconut
  • Strawberry - mascarpone - vanilla sponge with mascarpone cream and fresh strawberries
  • Cherry-cream cheese - chocolate sponge with cream cheese and sour cherries, caramel butter cream
  • Oreo - Chocolate sponge with vanilla cream and OREO biscuits
  • Carrot cake - carrot cake with cream cheese, walnuts and raisins

All our cakes can be prepared in gluten free versions or adapted for any allergy or diet.

Please respect the “use-by / best before” date.

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